Thursday, September 30, 2004

Change My Diaper, Please

I am not going to watch the debate this evening. There isn’t much point. The candidates are not really debating and they answer any question that they want to not just the ones asked.

The moderators are all MSM-types. They are not from the 21st Century. Bob Schieffer and Jim Lehrer are old fossils. These are the last people that should be asking questions, except of their attendants in the assisted-living facility.

I would like to see someone like Michael Savage or Al Franken (despite the fact that he is a socialist pig) quiz the candidates. It would be interesting. Very interesting.

Tim Russert? Fat, slow-witted and smug.

Chrissy-boy Matthews? He shouts. He’s fat. And, he’s very smug.

O’Reilly? Left-wing sissy boy lookin’ out for himself.

We need to have a goddamn psychopath ask the questions.

Mr. Stern: Senator Kerry, At what age did you decide to become a gigolo?

Senator Kerry: I, er, I've always liked my 57 varieties....

Update: I watched the debate and was bored. No gaffes. No streakers. No soy bombs.


I’m Not A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here

Why on earth does anyone pay attention to actors, actresses, musicians, artists, etc. as regards politics, world affairs, medicine, alar, and the pitching staff of the New York Yankees?

Most of them are complete idiots; and, they love reminding us of it.

Take that ugly creature from the bowels of Brooklyn, Barbra Streisand. This grotesque gargoyle insists on offering her sympathy to Larry Lindsey and every other “fired” Republican. Why?

Because there are too many entertainment reporters willing to listen to this loathsome hag, not to mention the great unwashed that get their news from the likes of Mary Hart and Pat O’Brien.

How about Cameron Diaz telling viewers not to vote if they support rape? And, the fat billionaires host does nothing to challenge this.

Now, is Ms. Diaz telling us that people who don’t vote support rape? Or, is she suggesting that one of the two major candidates supports rape and, by staying home, the pro-rape candidate may win?

Which one of the two is she talking about? I would guess John Kerry, since he has already admitted to war crimes.


Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Are We Dead Yet?

The Mainstream Media is getting ready to enter the hospice. New York Times reporter Phillip Shenon allegedly tipped off a terrorist fund-raising charity about a raid by the feds. The New York Times denies this, of course. Jayson Blair, Dan Rather, Stephen Glass, Blah, Blah, Blah; the list goes on and on. These guys are bent on fucking us all the hell over. Don’t think for a minute that they’d have a problem with sharia law as long as they could keep doing their thing.

This alleged tip-off happened in December 2001, just two months after our country was attacked by terrorists.

What kind of scumbag would someone have to be to do this? Don’t they want them caught? Don’t they want safety? Or, is more important to keep the terrorists going in order to have a story? Or, does the reporter so hate Americans that he wanted to help them? I don't even want to get into the question of what sort of government lackey would leak this to the socialist press.

There are a lot of questions that need to be answered here.

The New York Times is a rag, a goddamn awful rag. Publisher Pinch Sulzberger is a common thief who “stole” land from taxpayers in order to build his new Evil Empire on 8th Avenue in Manhattan. The editorial staff, a group of diversity at all costs fanatics, is to the left of Gus Hall’s Communist Party USA.

CBS is no better. Lyin’ Dan Rather is a Democratic Party fund-raiser. Bob Schieffer, who looks like the end product of two close relatives having sexual relations, is to the left of Red Dan. And, as for Uncle Walter….Forget it. It’s hopeless. These guys are so self-destructive that it would take a miracle to save them. Perhaps, the fascists at the FEC will try to put bloggers out of business.

The future is Talk Radio and the Internet. Both are immediate. The MSM is a goner. The universities will be next. Old time leftist scum like Plagerin’ Larry Tribe and Copyin’ Doris Kearns Goodwin will see that it self-destructs.

Just sit back in your La-Z-Boy, pop open a cold one and log on.


Count Your Fingers, Jack

How gracious of British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw to shake Zimbabwean Thug Robert Mugabe’s hand at the UN.

Straw told the BBC that the “serious disagreement between the two countries did not justify being ‘discourteous or rude’.”

“Discourteous”? “Rude”?

Mugabe is a killer. He is one of the worst criminals on the world stage. And, Jack Straw doesn’t want to be “discourteous or rude”?

Straw (isn’t Jack Straw a stupid name?) could have scored major points by telling Mugabe to “Go to Hell” or “Drop Dead” or “I hope your prostate swells up to the size of a beachball, you vicious piece of elephant shit.”

That would have been the right thing to do.

There’s a story about Joe DiMaggio and the Yankees meeting RFK in the Mid-Sixties. RFK worked his way through the line, shaking hands as he went along. When Baby Brother got to The Yankee Clipper, Joe D stepped back. It sent a message: You are unworthy of respect.


Thirteen More Payments And I Own The Focus Outright

Driving back to NYC on Sunday Night, I passed a new Chevy Cavalier. What an ugly, uninspiring piece of autoshit. Obviously, this car for unsuccessful insurance salesmen was developed after a series of focus groups. There is a reason that thinking-Americans want nothing to do with GM or Ford products (save the F-150 and the Corvette): their products are boring. If Americans want fast, thrilling cars, they have to go foreign. Nothing that General Motors puts out can match a BMW Z4, a Chrysler 300C (Face it, Chrysler is German) or a Porsche Boxster. One trip to the New York Auto Show is all that is needed to convince one of this. Even American-owned foreign-based companies like Volvo, Saab and Mitsubishi are boring, boring, boring.

It was nice to see that BMW has developed a hydrogen engine that can run up to 185 mph. I’m not sure if GM or Ford are doing a damn thing along these lines but who knows if they’ll still be around in twenty years.

We can’t even get a gas-saving, dadmobile hybrid out on the market. No, GM and Ford are going to stick hybrid engines in 6000 lb behemoths so they can get 25 mpg. Meanwhile, Toyota and Honda have waiting lists for their hybrids.

As for a good waste of gas, why isn’t Chrysler offering a Viper V-110 in the PT?


Christ, This Floor Is Sticky

Did you ever feel like driving a nail right into your temple? For two days, I’ve been fighting off such notions.

Sitting in a windowless room, with fucking middle-management morons, has been driving me completely freakin’ nuts!

Godalmighty, the inane drivel that comes out of goddamn suburban jerks is frightening. They don’t really say anything of consequence; however, they are fluent in business-bestseller-speak like “out of the box,” “empower” and “champion”.

“Champion”? Who the hell came up with this bullshit?

I guess my Mom “championed” eating all your vegetables when I was a kid. Osama Bin Laden is a “champion” as was Hitler.

Do you have a “strategic plan”? We all need strategic plans. How about a “mission statement”? I haven’t had a personal “mission statement” since I was sixteen and that was to fuck any girl that would have me. We have people who aren’t capable of watering plants designing “mission statements” because some bald huckster told them to do so.

Forget hate speech; we need to stop the mind-numbing bullshit that comes from big, fat slobs like Tom Peters and gets stuck in the minds of fucking idiots in ugly ties, who if they weren’t white and middle class, wouldn’t be given positions as mop-up men at a peep show.

That’s what’s ruining this country: mother-fucking idiot consultants who have never created anything worthwhile themselves brain-washing those who can’t create anything into believing that using phrases will allow them to be another Leonardo DiVinci or Donald-fucking-Trump.

Jesus, pass the Kool-Aid. I’m thirsty.


Monday, September 27, 2004

And Another Thing, His Hair Transplant Is Lousy

Sunday is a slow news day, particularly here in New York. A lot of us try to get out of the city, except commu-fascist Upper West Siders who try to kill each other getting into fourth-rate diners. Chucky Schumer knows that there's nothing going on. So, every Sunday he holds a news conference bemoaning something really, really important. Yesterday was no exception.
Chucky decided to cry about the way that evil-doer credit card companies are preying on college students in New York. These terrorist-financial cartels have gotten poor, naive Empire State scholars in debt to the tune of $2 billion according to our senior senator (who admittedly would look better dressed like a woman than our junior senator).
Wow, it sounds like a lot. It's more money than The Donald probably has. However, it's not a lot. Schumer, who is more interested in getting his ugly face on camera than he is on doing the right thing, is misleading an all too stupid public. No, make that fucking misleading.
As of 2003, there were 1,112,393 college students in New York State per the Department of education. This amounts to $1,797 per student which is probably a lot less than the average New Yorker carries on their credit cards. Why didn't this loser use the $1,797 figure in his press conference?
Because it would not get his sorry ass any air time!
As for the college students running up debt. To hell with them!
They are adults. They are intelligent enough to fill out financial aid forms begging for public money; yet, they did not understand that credit card companies would want the money back - and with interest? These allegedly intelligent adults should exercise personal responsibility and buy what they can afford. They don't need government protection from credit card companies. They need a kick in their asses. In fact, these high interest credit cards may teach them about the world of credit risk and prepare them for real life.
The only fraud here is the one that Chucky Schumer is perpetrating - on his constituents.


Saturday, September 25, 2004

You Don't Know...

My grandfather had a very, ahem, "colorful" vocabulary. One of his favorite phrases was to say that someone didn't "know shit from Shinola." Shinola, as anyone who's seen The Jerk knows, was a brand of shoe polish. I researched this on the internet but couldn't find out much more about the phrase.

However, I did come across this list of phrases involving shit.


The Real Story...

Where have I been since April? Unfortunately, the truth is not glamorous. I wish that I could say that I've been in Hollywood romancing both Halle Berry and Charlize Theron. I also wish that I could say that I've been surfing at Bells Beach in Australia.
I have been all around the country, dealing with total tools all day and staring at god-awful hotel decor at night. In my spare time, I have had massive amount dental work done. Thank god that other bones don't fall apart the way that teeth do. Imagine if your fingers needed drilling. Ouch!
One place that I can recommend on the road is a place in Philadelphia's Reading Market called Tommy DeNic's. I first went there in May. After finishing one of the best sandwiches that I'd ever had in my life, the counter lady asked me if I wanted my check. I told he "Absolutely not! I'm having another sandwich. Who knows when I'll be back in Philly?" Well, I went back to Philly and, then, back again. And, not by choice.
I've also come to a decision about Pizza. Pizza outside of the New York area sucks. Giordano's in Chicago in a load of crap. Armand's in Washington is an even bigger load of crap. A pizza is not supposed to be four inches thick and weigh forty pounds! The chains pretty much suck, too. However, I've kinda come to appreciate Papa John's. Their delivery is fairly reliable.
And, why do most hotels only provide fifteen or twenty television channels? I don't watch CNN or HBO (unless there's a fight on) or Disney. Give me The History Channel, damnit! Give me History International! Give me Military History! It's not television if I can't watch us kick Hitler's ass on a regular basis.


Religion of Peace

Great thread at Free Republic regarding an article in the Florida Times-Union by someone called Parvez Ahmed. Ahmed argues that Islam does not teach violence. Horseshit!


Thursday, September 23, 2004

Let Me Make This Perfectly Clear

I want to clarify my position on broadcasting Islamo-fascist executions of our hostages. I do not propose that these tapes be screened for entertainment or titillation. Americans must understand the brutality, blood-thirstiness and evil of our fascist enemy. I think that too many people see these slimeballs as rational people who need our “understanding”.


Page Eight

Today’s New York Post has the British hostage tape and the possible killing of the female Italian charity workers buried behind Britney’s Spears’ “wedding”, Lil’ Kim’s security guard’s plea deal and a Staten Island man who urinated all over a video shop.

Future killings will appear next to the movie timetables.


Gabba-Gabba Hey, You Pinhead

The New York Press is running a contest to identify the cause of death of the still-living (as of this writing) Tommy Ramone; it’s a cute idea unless you happen to be Tommy Ramone. Unfortunately, these knuckleheads are running a picture of Marky. Obviously, the editors are a bunch of hair band fans. Hey, that’s my Poison tape….

I saw the Ramones a few times long after Tommy had retired. By the time of Too Tough to Die, it was over. They were just a novelty/oldies act. I wish I had been old enough to see them in the beginning. They toured with Eddie and the Hot Rods whose Quit This Town is as good as anything the boys from Forest Hills ever put out.


Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Welcome Back

It is nice to see Flavor Flav making a comeback. Since the goons at Viacom own both The Surreal Life and the CBS Evening News, they might capitalize on Flav’s new popularity by kicking out Lyin’ Dan and giving Mr. F. the anchor chair. BOYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

And looking at Brigitte Nielsen, Stallone has just got to be thanking God that she’s out of his life.


Populus Vult Decipi, Ergo Decipiatur

The World Financial Center looked beautiful this morning, the rising Sun reflecting off its eastern side. The Hole is still there, awaiting Daniel Liebskind’s grotesque Freedom Tower.

To the North, 7 World Trade is going up pretty fast. I liked the old 7 World Trade Center Building, which hosed a number of financial services companies. It was also the home of what Upper West Side Stalinists liked to call “Giuliani’s Bunker”. The lobby was beautiful in a 1980’s sort of way: glass, brass and marble. Lots of marble.

<>It’s all gone now, taken away by Muhammad’s hordes. Still, it was a lovely September daybreak.

On my way to the office, I picked up a copy of today’s New York Post. The headline reads “BUTCHERS”. On page two, there is a sexual harassment story while page three celebrates the glories of the NYPD’s uniforms.

<>The “BUTCHERS” story, which refers to the beheading of Jack Hensley by Muslims, is all the way back on page six.

The next beheading of an American by Islamo-fascists will be buried even further back in the paper, perhaps page twelve or thirteen. Eventually, a beheading by Allah’s soldiers will be reduced to an inch of wire copy on page 32.

<>We are becoming increasingly immune to these atrocities.

“Oh, look, Britney Spears got married again.” “Yeah, and another American was beheaded.” “With all his money, why does Donald Trump have hair like that?” “Hey, did ya hear about those kids in Russia?”

When CIA Officer William Buckley was executed in Beirut twenty years ago by these disgusting pigs, the Post headline read “BASTARDS”. It’s 2004 and very little has changed. The establishment media (CBS, PBS, etc.) showed us endless photos of the “abuse” at Abu Graib. Yet, they will not show videos of the beheadings. So, America sees Muslim fascists being humiliated by a homely female soldier while beheadings of Americans by Islamo-fascists are deemed unsuitable for the American public to see. The beautiful Michelle Malkin, in a column today, tells us that the NEA instructs teachers not to blame any group for 9/11. Americans all bad (Well, not the Rosenbergs or Alger Hiss), Muslims all good.

It’s not just an American thing. The British have foiled Muslim terrorist plot after Muslim terrorist plot. In the Finsbury Park section of London, Islamo-fascist bigotry is preached openly, the leaders threatening to turn Britain into Bosnia. That was already done by the immigration policies of the last century. Yet, the British establishment is more concerned about Fox Hunting than revolutionary madmen.

So, the academics chant. “Bush is Hitler.” “Rumsfeld is the Devil.” “GI Joe is a baby killer.” “It’s all Bush’s fault.” Dan Rather has told us; he believes it. The borders are open. Outsourcing is wonderful. Diversity is our religion.

Well, until Sharia replaces the constitution; then, honor murder and clitorisectomies will replace news and entertainment.

Television, which brought the horror of Muslim terrorism into every living room in America, is manipulating the public. They are not showing a true picture of the enemy. The public is not presented with an enemy but a different culture that has given many riches to the world. Be sensitive. Be understanding.

Some day, Muslims will attack again this country. We’ll feel bad about the dead. David Letterman will cry. Dateline and 20/20 will profile recovering victims. Carville and that Tucker idiot will blame each other. Frontline will explain how it was all the CIA’s fault.

We’ll watch, we’ll yawn and we’ll turn the channel. Just like in the past.

<>From Serge Trikovic’s The Sword of the Prophet (page 44):

In the flush of victory (in 627 A.D.), he (Muhammad) proceeded to attack the last Jewish tribe in Medina, Banu Qurayzah, which he accused of disloyalty and complicity with the Meccans. This time, mere expulsion and robbery would no longer do. Muhammad offered the men conversion to Islam as an alternative to death; upon their refusal, 900 were decapitated at the ditch, in front of their women and children. Torches were lit so that the slaughter could be accomplished in one day. “Truly the judgment of Allah was pronounced on high” was Muhammad’s comment. Allah added a few words of his own: “And He has caused to descend from their strongholds the Jews that assisted them. And he struck terror into their hearts. Some you slaughtered, and some you took prisoner.”

The women were subsequently raped; Muhammad chose as his concubine one Raihana bint Amr, whose father and husband were both slaughtered before her eyes hours earlier; such treatment had already been sanctioned by prophetic revelation. As for the captured husbands, fathers, sons, or brothers, the message now grew even harsher: “Take him and fetter him and expose him to hell fire. And then insert him in a chain whereof the length is seventy cubits.” Those are the lucky ones; others “will be killed or crucified, or have their hands and feet on alternate sides cut off.”

Remember this the next time the President tells you that “a great religion has been hijacked.”

<>And, remember the other hijacking three years ago on that beautiful September morning.


Tuesday, September 21, 2004

A Spectacular I Can Do Without

Bill Gertz’s column in today’s Washington Times tells us that Al Qaeda is planning a “spectacular attack” to restore it’s credibility in the Mohammedan World and among America-haters. The targets include, of course,
Washington and New York. The average New Yorker is suffering from alert-fatigue. We are always the target. Why New York? I know…I know.... We’re the financial capital…blah, blah, blah.

So, we prepare. Damnit, Ridyah ought to be the target.

And, the window goes all the way to Inauguration Day.

I look out my own window and see the NASDAQ, where a handful of policemen stand guard waiting for the fascists to attack. It looks good to the tourists. But, it won’t do a damn thing if some homicidal maniac with a bomb strapped to his torso walks by. The city, three years after the atrocity is still vulnerable.

Once a week at 39th and Madison, hundreds of illegal aliens line up outside the Mexican Consulate to obtain Matricular Consular cards. These cards are accepted as ID by banks and the government. Notice, these are “illegal aliens”. Where is the INS or the ICE as they are called these days? This looks like an easy score for them. But, no one hassles the illegals. New Yorkers go about their business, happy that at a big supply of cheap labor keeps down the cost of their meals. The 9/11 Commission recommended that standards be set “for the issuance of birth certificates and sources of identification, such as driver’s licenses.” Yet, many government agencies accept this Mexican ID. These cards can be obtained with a Mexican birth certificate, an easily forged document.

<>“Oh, stop picking on the poor Mexicans. They’re just here to do jobs that Americans don’t want.”

I’m not worried about the dishwashers and hotel maids. I’m concerned about the Islamo-fascists that are coming across our porous border. How hard would it be for another Atta to get himself a Mexican birth certificate, pay some coyote to smuggle him across the border and get a Matricular Consular in New York or LA? Not hard at all.

Since we’ve made it more difficult for terrorists to come in by plane, they’ve started coming in through Mexico. Congressman John Culberson of Texas has stated that the Dept of Justice have told him that there are many coming across the border from hostile countries. These “people” are settling in small towns and just waiting. Those who are detained are released on their own recognizance.

Homeland Security does nothing. They don’t want to do anything. Illegal aliens are a source of cheap labor for businesses that don't give a damn about the security of the public. Time Magazine has even realized this. Asa Hutchinson, Under Secretary at DHS, knows this. He put a stop to Border Patrol raids in California.

“But these people just want to earn a living.”

I’m not buying that. Perhaps, the illegal aliens are willing to work for wages that Americans won’t. Without the competition from illegal aliens, these employers would have to offer more. However, the steady supply of illegals keeps wages down.

So, for all intents and purposes, there is no border. The Border Patrol Agent is stuck in the middle, just like the New York cop who finds his collar back on the street within hours.

Hutchinson says that Americans don’t want to enforce immigration laws. As one congressman puts it, no one wants to pay five dollars for a head of lettuce.

So, the lives of Americans are put in jeopardy so we can eat cheap salads.


This country still doesn’t get it. Our lax immigration authorities allowed the September 11 hijackers to roam around this country unscathed. The continued unwillingness of administration officials to secure the border and strictly enforce immigration laws will lead to the deaths of more Americans. Then, there will be another commission featuring scumbag-politicians shirking responsibility.

When the next “spectacular attack” comes, turn on your television, dig into your iceberg lettuce and tomato salad and ask yourself how we let it happen again.


Monday, September 20, 2004

Now, Where Was I?

It's over for Kerry. There are six weeks left until Election Day and he is unable to get himself on televison. I'm waiting for a poll to show that most Americans believe that Bush is running against Dan Rather. Madame Heinz gets more coverage than her sorry husband.

Did someone say "scumbag"?

If JFK II wants to get on television, he'll have to borrow Monica's blue dress and copulate with a dog on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial.

Nah, that might not even get him some press.