Wednesday, December 31, 2003

Come With Me, Pierre

Little Green Footballs is reporting that an Air France Flight has been intercepted by the Airforce.

Why is there nothing else on this?


So What If I Collect Gum Wrappers?

A Royal Thank You to Her Highness The Queen who has provided the peasantry with a link to Collier Brothers-Syndrome.


Non-Metrosexual Of The Year

Aron Ralston, the climber who amputated his own arm with a pocketknife.

Could a metrosexual have done that?


Tuesday, December 30, 2003

Don't Go To Times Square

Congressman Chris Shays, a member of the House Select Committee on Homeland Security and chairman of a terrorism subcommittee told Americans to stay out of Times Square:

"Secretary Ridge says just do what you normally do," Shays said. "I would say, what do you normally do? If normally you go to Times Square, I wouldn't do what you normally do."

This is someone with inside info telling us not to just go about our lives.

New York has been packed with tourists for weeks. The nitwits will start lining up around noon.
When these rubes are standing around for twelve hours, just where do they go to the bathroom?


Wait A Minute

Christina Aguilera is starting to look like a drag queen.


Reading Is Fundamental

A Bronx man nearly turned RIF into RIP when he was trapped by collapsing stacks of books yesterday.

It is interesting that this idiot is on public assistance yet he takes in about $1,200 a month in cash (untaxed) as a street peddler.


My Little Red Book

It seems that China is feeling nostalgic for Chairman Mao.

No word yet on whether the families of the 60 to 80 million that he murdered are longing for the good old days. Here are some that aren't.


Non-Metrosexual Of The Day

Gopher Lovin' Bill Murray


Douchebag Of The Day

Tom Wright, Anglican Bishop of Durham, tells us that the Israelis are "asking for trouble" over the treatment of Palestinians.

Oh yeah, them thar' Jews is askin' for it. Wright also cites "internationaal rsolutions" that Israel is violating. Of course, Wright forgets that Israel was created by the UN yet its neighbors have repeatedly tried to destroy it and still refuse to recognize it.

Here is some graphic evidence of Israelis who were "asking for trouble".

Wright also attacked Bush and Blair calling them "white vigiliantes":

"In the most outspoken outburst, the Bishop of Durham, Tom Wright, accused religious conservatives surrounding the US president, George Bush, of espousing "a very strange distortion of Christianity" - particularly since, through Iraq's reconstruction, many would gain financially."

Oh, it's the Christians controlling the President? Did Wright check in with other whackos on the Left? They claim that it is the Neo-conservatives (read Jews) that are controlling everything.

Wright is another fucked-up Leftist. Just what mainline Protestant Chritianity needs in order to delegitimize itself a little further.


Monday, December 29, 2003

Ted Williams Never Did This!

Does anyone need additional proof as to why soccer is for fucking losers? Then, click here.


Non-Metrosexual Of The Day

Ray Nitschke

The link contains a great picture of Ray as well as this:

At Illinois is where Ray lost his four front teeth. They were playing Ohio State in 1956 and at the time facemasks were not mandatory. You could show your toughness by going without. A guard hit him on a kickoff and the four teeth were gone. Ray describes it like this, "During a timeout, somebody shoved a wad of cotton in my mouth and I went on with the game, spitting blood all over the field."

Washington Post Columnist Richard Cohen has just written about his metrosexuality. Cohen seems to have been a little uncertain at first.

Dickie Boy, let me give you a heads up. ALL WASHINGTON COLUMNISTS ARE METROSEXUALS! ALL OF THEM! NO EXCEPTIONS! Sissies, the lot of them!


What's That On Top Of The Mower?

Ever wonder about what happens to bodies donated to science? Some joker kept a few in his toolshed.


Al Qaeda And Drugs and MONEY

Remember last week's boat interception? Rowan Scarborough, in today's Washington Times, has followed up on this:

"Bin Laden does not mind trafficking in drugs, even though it's against the teaching of Islam, because it's being used to kill Westerners," said a defense official who asked not to be named. "He has allies and associates who are not members per se, but who move products for him and take drugs and buy arms and give the arms to al Qaeda."

Well, Infidels, peddling drugs is cool as long as the profits are used to kill us!

Peter Brooks has a column in today's New York Post that addresses the financing of terrorism. It seems that Europe is still a major source of funds for these scumbags:

The al Taqwa financial empire operates in the Middle East, Europe and the Caribbean; it has reportedly funneled tens of millions of dollars to al Qaeda, Hamas and other terror groups via Muslim charities and informal (unregulated) remittance networks, known as hawalas.
A host of U.N. resolutions (i.e., 1267, 1373, 1390, and 1455) form a solid legal basis for freezing terrorist assets globally and require the imposition of sanctions on terrorist groups and those associated with them.
In response, terror backers liquidate their fronts, then reopen under new names - sometimes in different countries. That's how al Taqwa still operates businesses in Europe. Last week, the United States imposed sanctions on Liechtenstein-based Hochburg AG, the new name of the al Taqwa conglomerate.
Terrorist-associated charities, such as the infamous al Haramain Islamic Foundation, are often shuttering one set of offices to open another in a different town in the same country to avoid detection. Al Haramain recently did this in Bosnia, reappearing under the name of Vazir. (Washington imposed sanctions on it last week, too.)
The terrorist financial system is a global operation with significant resources and multifaceted methodologies for earning and moving money. Global financial counterterror efforts are still catching up; they need to be strengthened and harmonized. Many countries, especially in Europe, have not done enough to deal with individuals and companies that have ties to terrorism.
The United States - and the international community - must pressure states that still aren't cracking down on terror funding. In some cases, legal frameworks need to be developed that allow not only the freezing of bank accounts, but the seizing of businesses that finance terrorism, such as al Taqwa.
We can arrest operatives and preempt attacks, but we have to shut off the terror funding stream, too. Terrorism can be done on the cheap, but it is not free. Breaking the bank is a fundamental element to winning this global struggle.

When France or Germany experience an atrocity on the scale of 9/11, perhaps then they will FULLY join the war on terrorism.


Ali, Buy Me A Share In A Gulfstream

Yesterday, a small plane entered Laguardia Airport's airspace and may have circled the Statue of Liberty a few times. All of this during an Orange Alert!

Why the hell wasn't this guy shot down? The plane was intercepted by the Nassau County Police Department. Where the hell was the Airforce?

This is a fucking Orange Alert! Does this mean anything?

This incident tells me that we can't stop any air attackers unless they announce five hours in advance that that they are al Qaeda.

A report from Fox News on a related topic is reassuring:

An Australian aviation industry official said stealing a light aircraft was "as easy as stealing a car if you know what you are doing".

Even during an Orange Alert.


Sunday, December 28, 2003

Non-Metrosexual Of The Day

The last NHL goalie to play without a mask: Andy Brown

However, he did wear a helmet when he raced cars.


Saturday, December 27, 2003

Fuck 'Em

We shouldn't give one goddamn dime to help the Iranian Earthquake victims. Bush's heart is in the right place but it's a major mistake if he thinks that this is buying goodwill. Let them agree to dismatle their WMD program first.

These guys are fucking Nazis. Check out this quote from the AP:

"We greatly welcome any assistance from the United States. We welcome assistance from all countries except Israel," said Kerman city governor Alavi.

Hey, a massive tragedy is no reason to stop being an Anti-Semite.

I feel bad for the victims but let their Islamo-fascist leaders dig them out.


Unfit To Be President Dept.

Howard Dean is really overplaying the Jesus card. He claims that he won't prejudge Bin Laden.

Howard, you goodamnstupididiotnumbskull, OBL has fucking confessed to 9/11. What more does this motherfucker need?

Dean has claimed that Bush knew about 9/11 yet he won't "prejudge" Bin Laden? Doesn't Bush get the same benefit of the doubt as a man who has confessed to killing 3,000 Americans?

I'm glad that Dean wasn't around for Pearl Harbor. He'd would have asked us not to "prejudge" the Japanese.

Dean ought to go back to praying to Jesus and "doctorin" like Granny on the Bevery Hillbillies.


Non-Metrosexual Of The Day

The Inventor of the Remote Control: Robert Adler


Friday, December 26, 2003

Free For 83,172 Days

I first heard this poem when Roger McGuinn put it to music a few years ago. It stands up very well by itself.

America For Me

'TIS fine to see the Old World and travel up and down
Among the famous palaces and cities of renown,
To admire the crumbly castles and the statues and kings
But now I think I've had enough of antiquated things.

So it's home again, and home again, America for me!
My heart is turning home again and there I long to be,
In the land of youth and freedom, beyond the ocean bars,
Where the air is full of sunlight and the flag is full of stars.

Oh, London is a man's town, there's power in the air;
And Paris is a woman's town, with flowers in her hair;
And it's sweet to dream in Venice, and it's great to study Rome;
But when it comes to living there is no place like home.

I like the German fir-woods in green battalions drilled;
I like the gardens of Versailles with flashing foutains filled;
But, oh, to take your hand, my dear, and ramble for a day
In the friendly western woodland where Nature has her sway!

I know that Europe's wonderful, yet something seems to lack!
The Past is too much with her, and the people looking back.
But the glory of the Present is to make the Future free--
We love our land for what she is and what she is to be.

Oh, it's home again, and home again, America for me!
I want a ship that's westward bound to plough the rolling sea,
To the blessed Land of Room Enough, beyond the ocean bars,
Where the air is full of sunlight and the flag is full of stars.

- Henry Van Dyke


No Rock Unturned

Just when it looks like The French are working well with us, we get this from the LA Times:

"But a U.S. official said yesterday that some of the men whose names had been given to the French never showed up at the airport - including the man believed to be a pilot - and that he did not believe French authorities had questioned them.
"We haven't heard the full story," said the U.S. official, particularly the details about how many of the men identified by U.S. intelligence were questioned by French authorities, and what they said before being let go."

So, The French may have only interviewed those who showed up at the airport and not those who didn't which, of course, includes the scumbags we said were al Qaeda.

Is there a real life Clouseau?


I'm Warning You

Do not fuck with simpletons.


Third Time's The Charm?

If I do get into a Death Pool next year, Musharraf is on my team. He has survived two assassination attempts in less than two weeks. That's more impressive than Jerry Ford's record.

Seriously, this also demonstrates how determined the Islamo-fascists are and why they must be wiped out! Just because we've stopped them today doesn't mean that they have given up. These guys are brainwashed; they will fight to the death. Reason and logic will never work with them.


Cindy Crawford's Out

After seeing Joe Dirt for the umpteenth time, I can safely say that Brittany Daniel is the woman I most regret not sleeping with.

Like there was a chance.


Adnan, Meet Me At Rao's

There is something familiar about "Five Families" causing most of the trouble in Iraq.



A UK lab has confirmed that THE COW is mad indeed.

In related news, my brother made it a point to serve his in-laws steak yesterday. Everyone has a dream, I guess.


Non-Metrosexual Of The Day

The Greatest College Football Player Of All Time: Red Grange


Thursday, December 25, 2003

Time To Fess Up

As time goes on, with events in Pakistan and the flight cancellations, the more it impresses upon me that this is a war against Radical Islam. We need to stop fooling ourselves. Bush needs to stop bullshitting the people by saying otherwise.

Radical Islam is out to destroy us. They will not be happy until sharia is spread around the globe, until all of us are bowing eastward five times a day and making our wives and daughters into slaves.

They are killing innocent people in the Philippines, in China and in the former Soviet Union. They are enslaving people in the Sudan. And, they are insistent on carrying out Hitler's final solution.

They will not be happy until the WAYBAC machine is set for 700 AD.


I Have A Personal Relationship With My...Campaign Advisors

Is there a more cynical politician than Howard Dean? It's Christmas and he's dragging out Jesus Christ:

"He acknowledged that he was raised in the ''Northeast'' tradition of not discussing religious beliefs in public, and said he held back in New Hampshire, where that is the practice. But in other areas, such as the South, he said, he would discuss his beliefs more openly.

This really fails the smell test. I can't see Southern voters buying this in a general election. But, in a primary, who knows?


La Merde

The grounding of the six Air France flights makes me wonder "what if?" Can you imagine how hated the French would be if the terrorists had pulled anything off? Thankfully, we stopped this one.


Non-Metrosexual Of The Day

At One Time, The Most Hated Man In Hollywood: Jack Webb


Wednesday, December 24, 2003

Headline Of The Week

The New York Post has it nailed.


Kill Or Be Killed

DEBKAfiles reports:

"US High Terror Alert prompted by intelligence of large numbers of al Qaeda heading out of Hadhramauth strongholds to Najran and Jezin airports with masses of anti-air missiles and explosives – some for destinations in Saudi Arabia, others overseas aboard unmarked civilian planes.

If this is true, why the fuck aren't our allies, the Saudis, bombing the shit out of them? And, why aren't WE bombing the shit out of them?


Orange Alert Dept.

EmergencyNet News has prepared a backgrounder on chemical terrorism.

Could it be any worse than the stench emanating from Mark Geragos?


Non-Metrosexual Of The Day

Academy Award Winner and War Hero: Brigadier General James Stewart.


Who'll Fence That?

In this country, we occasionally send The Constitution or The Declaration of Independence on a nation-wide tour. You won't believe what travels around Argentina!


Too Fucking Little, Too Goddamn Late

Our comatose governor, George Pataki, has taken time away from studying ludicrous World Trade Center plans to pardon Lenny Bruce.

The Late Mr. Bruce, a comedian, was convicted of obscenity charges back in the Sixties. Fuckin' A.



UPI is reporting that the Agriculture Department has refused to release reports on Mad Cow for six months:

The fear is mad cow disease can infect humans and cause a brain-wasting condition known as variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease that is always fatal. More than 100 people contracted this disease in the United Kingdom after a widespread outbreak of mad cow disease in that country in the 1980s.
An outbreak of mad cow disease in the United States has the potential to dwarf the situation in the United Kingdom because the American beef industry is far larger and U.S. beef is exported to countries all over the globe.
"We're talking about billions of people" around the world who potentially have been exposed to U.S. beef, Lester Friedlander, a former USDA veterinarian who has been insisting mad cow is present in American herds for years, told UPI.
The USDA insisted the case is probably isolated and the US beef supply is safe. "I plan to serve beef for my Christmas dinner," Veneman said, "and we remain confident in the safety of our food supply."

Responded Friedlander: "She might as well kiss her (behind) goodbye, then."

If Friedlander is right, we can be assured of three things:

1. Lawyers will be filing class action suits that will dwarf asbestos.
2. Howard Dean, a doctor, may have an issue.
3. Emeril won't be cooking short ribs anytime soon.


Tuesday, December 23, 2003

Elsie, Stop Acting Crazy!

So, Mad Cow Disease has reached America. It's probably more widespread than this one cow. Much like other countries, we'll soon be fed television images of cows being destroyed.

This one cow will create a lot of middle class hysteria. Parents will be rushing their kids to the emergency room when they trip over Christmas wrapping Thursday morning. "Oh, no! Little Joshua has Mad Cow!" They will scream for congressional hearings. They will want a sacrificial lamb.

This incident should also scare the mall monsters away from the Golden Arches for a week or two. However, the allure of secret sauce will be eventually outweigh any health concerns. For the most part, vCJD (the human form of Mad Cow) usually affects only young adults. So, if you're over 40, please keep on eating bone marrow (Yuk!).

The bigger question has to do with what we are feeding our livestock. Pigs eat ground up cows and cows eat ground up pigs. Pretty creepy, huh? Profit concerns will ensure that this cannibalism continues.

I also like the fact that the Agriculture Secretary saw fit to tell us that this isn't related to terrorism. Thanks, Baby! We were worried.


Let Him Get His 72 Virgins

It's a shame that Muslim Terrorist Lee Boyd Malvo is escaping the death penalty. After all, he sentenced a number of people to death himself without giving them a fair trial.

One can only hope that one of the other jurisdictions that Malvo killed in will have enough guts to send him to Allah.


Merry Fucking Christmas

Mark Geragos is the most shameless piece of shit in the world.

I have bitched and moaned a lot about the coverage of the Laci Petersen case, but to suggest that she may not have been murdered is utter fucking nonsense. Geragos represents EVERYTHING that is wrong with our legal system. I only wish that some suicidal, superstitious lunatic would fly a plane into him.

BTW, Hey, Mark, wasn't that a great strategy you worked out for Winona Ryder?


Put Down The Fucking Fritos, Goddamnit!

Peter Weissbach, while subbing for Michael Savage, brought up the idea of "neighborhood militias" to defend our homeland. He was not talking about vigilantes or lynch mobs but patrol groups to keep watch over things.

Orthodox Jews in Brooklyn began these sort of patrols years ago out of self-preservation. They have a great deterrent effect.

During WWII, Britain created a Home Guard as a last line of defense against The Hun. America would be wise to urge its citizens to organize, get fit and prepare for the worst.

One has to hope that it will never come to this. But, you never know.


Non-Metrosexual Of The Day

Olympian and Father of Modern Surfing: Duke Kahanamoku


Spending My Retirement Money

I've just added audblog. This might be fucking interesting. Or, it might be another waste of goddamn time and money.


Powered by audblogaudio post powered by audblog


Monday, December 22, 2003

Non-Metrosexual Of The Day

A very funny slob who co-starred in one of the greatest movies of all time, Dirty Work: Artie Lange.
Artie, aside from being a comedian/thespian and third banana on the Howard Stern Show, is a gourmand of the first order. His eating/workout habits are of such legend that an Artie Lange Deathwatch site has been set up in his honor.


Sunday, December 21, 2003

Fucking Idiot Of The Day

From Ogrish, The Late Human Pinata.

Thankfully, his genes are now out of the pool.


Non-Metrosexual Of The Day

The Toughest Mutha Ever To Throw A Baseball. Bob Gibson


Dad, Can I Borrow The Car?

Al Gore's son has been arrested for pot possession. Big deal!

Check out the photo. He looks more like Bill Clinton than Al Gore. Did Peyronie Bill bang Tipper?

And, what's Al III doing behind the wheel of a Cadillac? Shouldn't Al Gore's kids ride buses?

And, should we ever trust anyone with a fucking number after their name?


Saturday, December 20, 2003

Tipper, Give Me Some Tongue

Remember David Boies? He was the mouthpiece who attempted to get Al Gore the presidency via lawsuit after the 2000 election.

Well, it seems that Boises is in trouble with the Florida Bar. He's facing ethics charges over a $400,000 payout.

No word yet on whether the Man Who Invented the Internet will be a character witness.


Jimmy "Ali" Swaggert

Islam prohibits the use of drugs. Here is a website that spells this out.

Yet, some of the super religious men of al Qaeda were caught with a boatload of hashish yesterday. Typical fucking bullshit hypocrites! All day long they're yakking about "God's will" yet they're trafficking in something that's forbidden in their own idiot superstition.

These guys are fucking Nazis and must go.


Non-Metrosexual Of The Day

George Gobel

Some quotes from Lonesome George:

I've never been drunk, but often I've been overserved.

It seems like I'm always an hour late or a dollar short. I'm the kind of guy who will have nothing all my life and then they'll discover oil while they're digging my grave.

If it weren't for electricity we'd all be watching television by candlelight.

If you build a better mousetrap, you will catch better mice.

My uncle was the town drunk-and we lived in Chicago.

College is a place to keep warm between high school and an early marriage.


Friday, December 19, 2003

What'd I Say?

Today's "Inside The Ring" column in The Washington Times features this from Nancy Pelosi circa 1998:

"Saddam Hussein has been engaged in the development of weapons of mass destruction technology which is a threat to countries in the region and he has made a mockery of the weapons inspection process. The responsibility of the United States in this conflict is to eliminate weapons of mass destruction, to minimize the danger to our troops and to diminish the suffering of the Iraqi people."

Strange. Isn't it?


Non-Metrosexual Of The Day

The Brockton Blockbuster, Rocky Marciano


I Always Knew That I Was Different

What I find most fascinating about the charges against Michael Jackson is that "sex" and "race" are blacked out.

Why? Are both unable to be determined?


Thursday, December 18, 2003

Bin Laden Will Be Captured On October 15. 2004

Madeleine Albright and some other Democrats are convinced of this and a lot of other wacky things. Today's Washington Times has an article about just this. It also features some Democratic scoffing at these theories.

What concerns me most is the statement of one of the scoffers, Donna Brazile, Al Gore's campaign manager. Brazile said "I think most Americans have some lingering doubts about what happened on September 11, but until the commission and Congress completes its investigation, I think it best if people hold these views to themselves. But because we don't yet have a nominee, it's all out in the open."

Lingering doubts? Al Qaeda wasn't behind this? When they get a nominee, are they going to suggest that Bush masterminded it? Or, will the Jews be blamed?


Osama Bin Molester

My hometown paper reports that Michael Jackson has become a member of the Nation of Islam.

Could this story possibly get any better? All he needs to do now is purchase a ticket on the space shuttle and appear on Celebrity Boxing. I can see it now: Michael Jackson vs. Pee Wee Herman.


Non-Metrosexual Of The Day

Fred Mertz


Wednesday, December 17, 2003

Non-Metrosexual Of The Day

William Conrad


Get A New Hobby, Boys

I'm not sure that the Democrats gang-bang of Howard Dean is going to bring him down. Dean's support base is the anti-war left. These people don't care about Saddam's capture. And, they are the type of people that will vote in primaries.

I think that Dean will capture early victories in New Hampshire and Arizona. He will be unstoppable after that.

But, then, I thought Saddam was dead.


Tuesday, December 16, 2003

Stop It! Stop It, Now!

The Vatican seems far more worried about the handling of Saddam Hussein than it does about the thousands abused by pedophile priests. Renato Cardinal Martino, the head of the Vatican's Peace and Justice Institute, said "I felt pity to see this man destroyed, (the military) looking at his teeth as if he were a cow. They could have spared us these pictures."

What a douchebag! Where was Cardinal Martino when innocent men were being dumped into a shredder? Has Cardinal Martino seen the mass graves? Has he heard about the gassing of the Kurds? Where was Cardinal Martino during the shuffling around of Father Geoghan?

Everyday, the Catholic Church does something to de-legitimize itself as a force for good in this world. Hats off to Cardinal Martino.


Nah, I'm Shopping Online

Your Christmas shopping is over.


Isn't It Romantic?

Yesterday, I was listening to WNYC, the New York City NPR station. Judge Navanethem Pillay, a member of South Africa's Supreme Court and a member of the International Criminal Court, was being interviewed. After decrying the USA's refusal to join the ICC, Pillay let it be known that "Freedom of the press is romanticized in the West as a God-given right."

Romanticized? The esence of man is his ability to think and speak freely. Pillay is the sort of third-world brutal shitbag that is going to make up this court. Another world government type who thinks that the people don't know what's good for them and that the elites know better. It's sad, because Pillay was saying something that could get her in trouble elsewhere.

World Government, Strobe Talbott, would be a fucking nightmare for free people. Take a look at our world authorities now. Libya leads a Human Rights Committee. The UN is a collective of Jew-hating, expense-account fudgers living off the American Taxpayer.

If any of you run into Judge Pillay, tell her to "Fuck Off!" It's your God-given right.


Non-Metrosexual Of The Day

Oscar Robertson


Monday, December 15, 2003

Kofi Annan, Friend of Tyranny

The useless jackass running the UN wants to save Saddam.

Did this high-living diploshit give a fuck about those tortured and killed by Saddam? Is he doing anything about Mugabe? Did he find the shitbag diplos who looted the UN dining room?


Sight Of The Day

Good Morning America had some toy drive display in their street level studio. Outside were two jokers holding "Kucinich for President" signs and yelling "You'll report, we'll decide".

It was a zen moment.


Non-Metrosexual Of The Day

Chuck Bednarik


Where's William Kuntsler When You Need Him?

The highlight of yesterday's coverage of Saddam's capture was brought to us by ABC News. The folksy (and clueless) Charlie Gibson asked a guest if Saddam could get a fair trial.

That's right. Diane the Skeleton's Baba Louie is concerned that this brutal dictator won't get a fair trial. Imagine that.

Well, the "criminals" that his two brutal sons dropped into a shredder didn't get a fair trial either. Would Charles The Dopey Address that? Probably not.


Sunday, December 14, 2003

Headline Of The Day (After Hussein)

News from the Third World.



Saddam Hussein has been captured! The whiney motherfuckers who keep complaining that "We still don't have Saddam Hussein" can switch to something else.

I like the fact that he was living in a fucking dirt hole in a basement. Fucking, dirst-shit rat bastard.

Some joker is already cashing in.


Saturday, December 13, 2003

Metrosexuals, Unite! And, Then March Off A Fucking Cliff!

I am freakin' sick of hearing the m-word. New York is probably the hotbed of this annoying phenomenon. I just hope that the rest of you are spared this. A metrosexual is a modern sissy. This has nothing to do with sexual preference or being pussy-whipped. It's about face creams and dressing in black and eating at sauce-painting restaurants. South Park recently did a funny show about a whole town succumbing to metrosexuality.

The first shot in this war against the metrosexual was fired by my wife. She asked me about a little scrubber that she found in the shower. I explained that it was a Scalp Invigorator for my thinning hair. "Are You becoming a metrosexual?" she asked. FOR CHRISSAKES, NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!


So, here are a few things that you can do to join me in this cause:

1. Get some Old Spice, Aqua Velva or Clubman. Menthol fucking rules!
2. Go to a goddamn barber not a hair-stylist. Men's hair should only be cut by a guy named Vinnie in a shop that smells like Lilac Vegetal.
3. Mention how much you enjoyed LT taking Theisman out (If you don't know who LT is, you cannot be saved).
4. Get a red wool plaid jacket for the winter. Make a really nasty face when someone mentions Elmer Fudd.
5. Never listen to any singer that does more dancing than singing. You can still think about fucking them.
6. Be nice to women and kids. Threaten anyone who isn't.
7. Salute the flag and respect our fighting men and women.
8. NEVER WATCH PETER JENNINGS! Ask your congressman to look into his immigration status.
9. Don't listen to sports talk radio. It's for misfits who can't get laid and live in their mothers' basements.
10. Pray that someone decent emerges in the Heavy-weight division.

Oh, shit! It's time for my manicure.



Fuck The Germans and The French! Jacques-asses, Go invest with Saddam if you can find him! Rat-fuckers!

I can't believe that these shitbags thought that they could step in and make a few bucks after it was over (well, sort of over).


Give Me A Fucking Break!

Well, I've pretty much just had one. I've had to reactivate my email and a whole other bunch of shit.

Arnold Ahlert has a piece in today's New York Post about the potential for another economic downturn if we are hit again by Islamo-fascists. I prefer "when" not "if".

I think that it's going to happen again and I know that people will react by selling.

I've been all cash for awhile. I don't see that changing.