Tuesday, September 30, 2003

You Drank What?

In college, my favorite drinks were Ballantine Ale and Slivovitz. Both used to be available at an East Village Bar called the Blue and Gold.

Some thoughtful soul has put together a wonderful guide to malt liquor. I wish I had this back then.


We Are SOOOOO Non-Judgemental!

A Texas High School marching band features a Nazi Flag and "Deutschland Uber Alles" as part of its celebration of WWII.

Check this out from the band's director: "We understand there was a sensitivity we didn't know about going in ... We didn't do our homework."

This is from a goddamn high school teacher! Is he fucking kidding? Doesn't this bastard know that WWII was a battle between good and evil? Does he know about the holocaust? He ought to be fucking fired. Or, sent back into the past once Wesley Clark gets his machine up and running.


I'm Going Back In Time To Get Bin Laden!

Wesley Clark is my man. We need a President who believes that The Weekly World News prints the truth! In case you haven't heard, the general is hoping to do a little time travelling.

Art Bell for Press Secretary!


Off With Their Airheads!

God, I am fucking pissed at Barnes and Noble. Yesterday afternoon, I decided to meet Mrs. S. at the B&N on Fifth at 48th St. When I went inside, Most of the store was roped off. The store was packed with goonish off-duty cops dressed in blue suits wearing lapel pins like the Secret Service. All I wanted to do was shop for books and they would not let me. Fuck it, I decided to leave the store.

On the way out, I passed the skeleton with skin know as Diane Sawyer. I really fucking hate her now. The fucking sidewalk near my office is crowded every morning with stupid, fat Kansans hoping to catch a glimpse of this brain dead jackass. Now, I can't shop because she is here! Who the hell would want to touch this vapid media whore anyway?

Only later did I find out that the security was for the exhibitionist with the fake English accent, Madonna.

Barnes and Noble will never get another fucking dime out of me. Never! Madonna and Diane Sawyer should die slow, painful deaths for inconveniencing me!


Saturday, September 27, 2003

Jeepers, It's The Cops!

While looking for a copy of a book by Thorstein Veblen, I came across this eBay listing. It's fairly amusing.


Are Those Shithouses for Dave Matthews Fans?

There are very few pleasant ways to die accidentally. However, some have more dignity than others.


Moms of The Year Alert

Here is another argument for licensing human reproduction.

I do not know what sort of punishment this woman deserves but it might be nice to soak her in something. And, where is the father of this child? He's not exactly innocent either.

I am sick and tired of hearing about abused children. People who abuse or abandon their children deserve the worst.

There was a case just this week in Harlem where a mother was found stoned and her toddler zipped up in a piece of luggage. The child was, of course, taken away. More horriying was the fact that she "had already lost custody of her five other children."

Why was she allowed to have more children? And, where are the fathers of these children? They are no better than this awful brood sow!


Thursday, September 25, 2003

Calling Marvin Hamlisch!

I couldn't help thinking about "What I Did For Love" while I was reading about the Kenyan Man who thinks that he taught his wife a lesson.


Couldn't Someone Get One of Those Low-paying Menial Jobs?

A New Jersey Family is on trial for robbing a bank. The idea was conceived by the couple's 15 year-old twin daughters. Dad apparently can't work due to congestive heart failure (he seems to be extremely fat!) and their humble abode is facing forclosure. Rather than getting after school jobs, the kids decide to rob a local bank. The mother drove them to the bank.

After the successful robbery, did they pay off the mortgage? No, Dad drove them to Atlantic City for a little gambling.

Ah, the American work ethic.

First, of all, these losers should never be allowed to have kids. Second, if the father is too sick to work, how could he drive them to Atlantic City? Third...what the fuck is going on here? Jesus, we allow anyone to reproduce. These people are not fit to water plants never mind raise children.

The best thing for these kids might be jail. At least, they will not become teenage mothers.


Puckoon This!

It's nice to know that America isn't the only nation suffering from the plaintiffs' bar. Trial lawyers also have Australia by the short and curlies.

In Woy Woy, fans of Spike Milligan are being prevented from walking backwards in honor of the comedian.


Fire When Ready, Gridley

The Guantanamo Bay Espionage Ring really pisses me off. These guys should be charged with treason. If guilty, they must be shot.

Executing treasonous sons of bitches is the only solution. Anyone who calls for "understanding" should have the shit beat out of them. There can be no debate on this issue. There is a fucking war on.

Just who in the hell is providing security clearances there?


Tuesday, September 23, 2003

What Are We Gonna Do Without The Big Guy?

I'm so goddamn sick and tired of hearing the name "John Ritter". "Oh, what a comic genius he was!" "Our most gifted physical comedian." "A very special Eight Simple Rules for Fucking My Daughter!"

Somebody stop it! Ritter fell down a lot; teenagers and People-readers laughed. He also spit water out of glasses and did double-takes when women jiggled their breasts. That does not make him the Jimi Fuckin' Hendrix of Comedians! Ritter was a low-brow phenomenon, not even in the same league with Benny Hill (who, at least, wrote his own stuff).

In a few weeks, another mediocre celebrity will die an unexpected or painful death. The suckers can mourn all over again.

BTW, Gordon Jump, AKA Arthur Carlson, has gone to The Big Casino.


I Don't Think That We're Up To The Job

One of my great loves is Old Time Radio. Lately, I've been listening to a lot of radio shows from World War Two. I'm amazed by the sacrifices that individual Americans made on a daily basis in order to help the war effort.

Citizens saved scrap metal and fats, bought war bonds and frequently did without life's little luxuries (necessities in our time). Shows like The Great Gildersleeve and The Jack Benny Program often talked about what Americans on the home front could do to help defeat Hitler.

Today, we are too self-indulgent and cynical to work together. Perhaps, I'm just thinking about New York. If we had to ration and sacrifice, there would be a booming black market fueled by people without shame or dignity.

I just don't think that we would be willing to do what is necessary to win a great conflict. There was a lot of flag-waving after 9/11, but flag-waving is easy. Who would be willing to park the SUV for a few years? Or, go without new clothes? Can we forgo cheese or meat like many had to during the war? I don't think so.

We've all become so selfish (myself certainly included) with a high degree of entitlement. Preserving our comfortable lives would be the priority. Would we become the appeasers of the pre-WW II era? It wouldn't surprise me.


I Think That's Mine

Somebody needs to call the Bethlehem, PA Lost and Found.


Go To It

There's an excellent article from Jane's Consultancy regarding 9/11 and public doubt.


Monday, September 22, 2003

Mr. Coleman, Your Kool-Aid, Sir

The California Recall is boring me. It needs the element of excitement.

We could have all of the candidates agree to commit suicide if they finish in the bottom 25%. This would bring on some real campaigning. Imagine what they would promise the electorate when faced with the prospect of being devoured by a lion!

The Truly Grand Finale could take place at the Rose Bowl. Or Disneyland. Even better, The Coliseum! The television ratings would easily top Survivor.

This would also bring more people into the electoral process. It would be the greatest civics lesson ever!


What The Hell Is a Stalking Horse Anyway?

Wesley Clark is fronting for Hillary. I see him dropping to the #2 slot at the convention with the Dragon Lady stepping into the starring role.

Bill Clinton seems awfully close to Clark. Yet, he fired him for being a publicity hog.

There just has to be an ulterior motive here.


Friday, September 19, 2003

Oh, Lordy, They've Found Eula Mae!

Anna Nicole Smith's long-lost sister has been found!


Wash Your Hands, Damnit!

A study has shown that 30% of travellers in airports don't wash their hands after using the bathroom.

That has to be a low-ball figure. Quite a few men never wash their hands. For many others, the time spent with soap and water is under ten seconds. People are generally goddamn dirty slobs.

Face it, each time that you touch a doorknob, you might as well be scratching someone else's ass.


Is There Anything That We Can Do?

I always wonder why we make people go through a lot of screening when they try to adopt a pet yet anyone can fuck and produce children.

A Kansas woman has pleaded guilty yesterday in the death of her son. The child was bound in duct tape and suffocated.

The ability to reproduce doesn't mean that you're fit to be a parent.


Dick Got Screwed

I have no problem with giving Dick Grasso $140 million or $140 billion. The NYSE is a private concern and can pay its employees whatever it wants. The NYSE board approved the pay deal.

I do have a problem with all the hand-wringing over this. Why all the fuss? Forget the regulatory bullshit. The SEC, not the NYSE, is the regulator. Those who think otherwise are fooling themselves.

The fuss is class-war bullshit. People do not like to see anyone make $140 million. They are jealous, envious. Yet, these same people have no problem with some half-wit like Johnny Depp making $25 million per film.

The whole Grasso thing was media-scum making a big deal out of nothing.


Thursday, September 18, 2003

Problems, Problems, Problems

As I wait for Hurricane Isabel to soak NYC, I am faced with a dilemma. Over at eBay, there is a Chrysler C-500 that I need to have. The C-300 is the greatest Chrysler ever made. It might just be the greatest American car ever made. The car is a basket case and I have no place to store it. Mrs. S. will also kill me if I even bid on it.

I've been waiting for years to own a 62 New Yorker. I'm going to get one when I leave the city. But, the C-300 may be too good to pass up.


Tuesday, September 16, 2003

Is Urine Worth 75 Years OF Your Life?

What a question! This guy evidently thought that it was.


Stupid Criminals of The Day

Two idiots in Germany thought that they'd scam an insurance company - BY USING A CHAINSAW!!!!! Jesus!


I wonder if the Elk Is Laughing

While I fully support the Second Amendment, I've never understood the whole hunting thing. I'm not sure what the thrill is there. Ah, the rush of murder.

Meat can be purchased at a store, so it's not out of necessity. However, I do understand that herds need to be thinned.

Bow-and- Arrow hunting seems to be extremely cruel. The animal suffers and the hunter gets the same result: a dead animal. Why not use a gun and end it quickly? The Hunter probably has some idiot Tonto-fantasy that would be better worked out on a shrink's couch.

Some idiot would have been better off doing just that.


Neutral Corners

The postponement of the California Recall reminds me of a postponement of a Tyson fight. In fact, the recall itself has the same atmosphere. It could use some ear-biting, though.

Whatever happened to Gary Coleman and Georgy Russell?


Deport The Bastard Now!

NBC News, this morning, has been harping on the fact that the deportation of Yasser Arafat would be a "violation of international law". Conveniently, when Arafat has struck, it is never mentioned that it is a violation of international law; however, this is the same international law that has declared that "Zionism is racism". For a refresher on the violations of international law perpetrated by Arafat and the PLO/PA, please click here.


Saturday, September 13, 2003

Olaf, Where Are My Luckies?

The dirtiest people in Europe are giving up a bad habit. However, they have turned to sticking tobacco up their noses. I guess that it kills the smell of week-old underwear.


Duh Headline Contest

The winner is here.


Friday, September 12, 2003

Yuck! Mommy, Stop It!

Some people really embarass their children.


Go There Now

Please check out the post by Her Highness The Queen over at Who's The Anti-Christ? .


Thursday, September 11, 2003


I woke up early and walked to Downtown Chicago. I headed directly for 7:30 mass at a church under the el. Afterwards, I walked over to the office building that I would be making a presentation in.

I remember sitting in the back of the room. I always sit in the back of the room.

I also remember someone calling my boss out into the hallway. When he came back to the room he made that announcement. There were a few gasps. A couple of people ran into the hallway to make phone calls.

A television was brought into the room. I called my wife. She was fine.

It was unbelievable. A good deal of my life revolved around the "Trade Center". Most New Yorkers call it that. Most of my working life was spent near there. The first night of my honeymoon was spent across the street at The Millenium Hotel. We spent every New Year's Eve there as well. We shopped at the mall located at the Trade Center. We ate in its restaurants. Two Saturdays before before 9/11 I ate at Windows on the World for the first time. I spent a lot of money at the Borders Books on the Church Street side. When we weren't at the Trade Center, we were in Tribeca.

I have two good friends working there: my former secretary and my former assistant.

I put a call through to my secretary. There was no line. I tried again. No line.

I also have a good friend who was still in the air on a United flight. He couldn't leave on Monday like the rest of us.

When he walked into the room, I was so goddamn happy. His flight was close enough to Chicago that they let the plane go all the way there. I got up and gave him a hug.

Then, the first collapse.

The grand poobahs debated whether or not to continue the meeting. Some jackoff from San Francisco wanted to go on "because he didn't know anyone in New York." I wanted to split. And, I said so. Political suicide? What did it fucking matter?

I left and walked back to the hotel. The second tower was gone. I got to my room, turned on the tv and went downstairs to the bar. It wasn't open for business, but the door was unlocked and the employees were gathered around the television.

I told the man that I wanted a beer.

I left half of it and went back upstairs. I watched tv for a few hours and talked to my father. It was a different world.

When my wife made it to her mother's house, she called me on her cell. I was relieved.

Late in the afternoon, I went out for a walk. I came upon a newsstand. The Sun-Times and Tribune had extra editions. Some twenty-something was buying a lot of copies. He told the dealer that these would be collector's items? Collector's items? Fucking Collector's items? Like a goddamn Elvis plate or a Shirley Temple doll? I screamed at him "I'm from New York and I had a lot of friends in those buildings! Get the fuck out of here!" The guy looked pretty scared, mumbled something about "knowing people in NY" and took off.

I slowly wandered back to the hotel. Quite a few people were checking out.

I called Avis and reserved a car. I knew that I wasn't flying back.

I made phone calls, drank coffee and watched televsion all night.

I never slept. I never cried. Not once. I was convinced that some of my friends were dead. But, I never cried.

It was just not real. It didn't happen.

9/12/01 would be a different story.


Wednesday, September 10, 2003


Newark Airport. I'm on line at the United Airlines check-in area. United personnel ask if anyone in line is on Flight 93 to San Francisco. I shake my head no. I don't think anymore about it for a day.

I run into a bookstore before going to the gate. I pick up another book on Jack Welch. I read a lot and I always have an extra book around in case I finish the one that I'm reading. I get on my plane to Chicago.

An uneventful flight, except that I'm in the fourth row. I hate the front of planes. I always like the rear because it boards first. I meet up with two of our employees at the baggage carousel. We share a cab ride to our hotels. They are in a hellhole downtown. They get dropped off and the cab takes me to my suite near Water Tower.

We have about thirty employees from our New York office in Chicago for a training class. I have a presentation to make the next morning. I spend the day browsing at the nearby Borders Books and relaxing on the sofa.


I'd Rather Take The Pepsi Challenge

If you are ever at Former Indian Prime Minister Morarji Desai's house, avoid the cola.


Tuesday, September 09, 2003

Two Years Ago

It was a weird time for me on 9/11/01. My life is kind of divided into before and after that date.

On 9/9/01, I went to Yankee Stadium with my Dad to see the Yankees play Boston. I remember doing little else other than drinking too much beer and eating too many hot dogs. I think that it did rain but I'm not too sure.

I used to love to go to Yankee Stadium with my Dad. He'd been taking me there all my life. Now, I could finally afford to take him. We went a couple of times a year back then. But, not anymore. Dad is in Florida now and I have no interest in baseball.

Overall, 9/9/01 was a fabulous day.


R.I.P., For Chrissakes

Aaliyah is everywhere in NYC. Her face is on posters, calenders and billboards. But - She's D-E-A-D! Jesus, this is going to be like the endless "product" that flows from the Jimi Hendrix Estate. We'll have Aaliyah shoved down our throats for the next 25 years.

What is our fascination with dead "so-called" artists? Can't we just leave them alone? I didn't even want to hear about Aaliyah when she was alive. Now that she is an ex-human, should I be forced to read about her and look at her image constantly?


Goodbye, Glorifier of Genocidal Maniacs

Nazi Bitch Filmaker Leni Riefenstahl has been called home to Satan at the age of 101. I only wish that she had lived long enough to see a Jew as Chancellor of Germany.

Riefenstahl was a contemptible Nazi who spent the post-war years claiming that she was a misunderstood artist. That's a load of crap. Hitler made plain his intentions in his book and in his speeches. Riefenstahl's "art" glorified him. She may have been talented, but that talent was used for evil.

It's been a month. First, the evil, yet vapid, Diana Mosley croaked. Now, Riefenstahl.


Monday, September 08, 2003

Rant Of The Year (So Far)

The Wonderful Jessica Lovejoy has written one of the best fucking rants ever! Four Fucking Stars!


Excitable Boy, They All Said

I guess that Warren Zevon wasn't kidding.

Now, will someone please dig up his grave and build a cage with his bones?


More Weird Shit...

From South Africa.


Man, That SOB Has Good Genes

I saw George Hamilton on Fifth Avenue this afternoon. The tan is really weird, but the lucky bastard doesn't look like he's 63.



Some people need to get a life.


Get Ready, Get Set, Go!

NYC seems to be on high alert again. Chatter seems to point to a gas attack on the subways.


Sunday, September 07, 2003

The FBI Slept

Peter Lance, an investigative journalist, has published a book that examines the FBI failures that led to 9/11 called 1000 Years for Revenge. I heard him last night on the Batchelor and Alexamder Show.

Lance alleged that al Qaeda was behind both Oklahoma City and Flight 800. He pointed out Michigan dirt-farmer Terry Nichols' four trips to an obscure city in the Phillipines in the two years before the OKC bombing as well as thetype of device used. What was Nichols doing there? Looking for a mail-order bride? Lance also discussed the similarities between Flt 800 and explosive devices used by al Qaeda elsewhere.

Lance is not some wacko living in his mother's basement blaming David Rockefeller for everything that goes wrong in the world. He needs to be taken seriously.

Of course, The FBI has already dismissed the book. I don't know if they've even read it. Afterall, they are busy tracking Steven Hatfill. Or, is it John Doe #2?

Update: I bought the book. If you're in a bookstore, just breeze through the photo section. It paints a rather frightening picture of the ineffectiveness of the FBI. I read the sections on both TWA 800 and Oklahoma City. THe OKC case seems more compelling than TWA 800 for al Qaeda involvement.


Blogger Is Starting TO SUCK!

I have lost two posts today because of THEIR problems. And, I am PAYING for this.


Don't Believe Him

I hate reading about the abuse of women and children. Ladies, if a man hits you once, he will do it again. Everyday, there are sad examples of women who are beaten, fail to press charges and pay the ultimate price.

If you don't press charges against the son-of-a-bitch, he will not reform. He will not become a gentleman because of your kind act. And, the next time he dicides to make you responsible for all of his shortcomings, you might be killed.


Saturday, September 06, 2003

Just As Primitive As The WWJE Crowd

Some alternative Medicine followers are screwed. Their shipment of baboon noses won't be arriving.

What'd they do with the rest of the baboons?'s just sick.


I'll Two Camel Burgers And An Order of Palm Fries

Some assholes are actually asking "What would Jesus eat?" Not much during his 40-day fast, I'd imagine.

Is this the only way that we can get some lardasses to have a salad. Do they ask themselves "How much would Jesus shit?" when on the throne?


Good Eatin' Dept

Man, I thought Elvis stuck to fried peanut butter sandwiches.


Friday, September 05, 2003

Very Cool

What time is it? Find out here.


Orkin Man Alert!

If you're planning to backpack in India, don't stay in the Saidspur Hostel.


Damnit, I Knew It Was Myron!

Now, it's coming out that the pizza deliveryman/bank robber had a set of detailed instructions. This is getting really fucking weird.

There has to be more openness. I'd like to see the Feds make the instructions public. Perhaps someone will recognize their creepy brother's handwriting ala Kacynski. Public disclosure also led to the capture of the scumbag DC snipers.


Homeland Bullshit

Homeland Security needs to give the public more info. It tells us that it has foild numerous attacks. OK, Ridgey, give us the specifics. Without specifics, it sounds like the child that assures his parent that he's been studying. Specifics could only help Americans understand the threat that we're facing. It would also help us weed out the crap.

Take the latest announcement about four wanted men. The FBI says that the men "are involved in terrorist activities and may pose a threat to U.S. citizens and interests in the United States and abroad." Well, damnit, tell us what those suspected activities are. It will help us to focus our attention.

We are headed for another attack. However, an informed public may be able to prevent it.


Thursday, September 04, 2003

Another Day, Another Threat

Now, there seems to be a renewed threat regarding hijacked planes.

And, at one time, people thought that the Cold War would never end.


Where's My Invitation?

I never get invited to the really cool weddings.


Don't They Have TV in Ohio?

It seems that not being able to watch rasslin' has turned deadly for one tomato-tossing Ohioan.


Take A Hike, Pal

If you haven't read the Johnny Depp comments yet, they're here. Johnny is unhappy with his former home and its occupants. However, he would still like your patronage at the box office.

He's kind of like a mother-in-law. He insults the shit out of you, but he still wants your help.

Unlike a mother-in-law, he doesn't have to get it.


Wednesday, September 03, 2003

"I Was Just The Last To Know"

"Eureka!" cried Colin Powell. Jesus, look at this quote: "Mr. Arafat has not been playing a helpful role," Powell said.

Any fucking cabbie in NYC could have told General Disorder this years ago.

Hey, Colin, he's not just "unhelpful", he's a fucking terrorist. Get with the goddamn program!


Is That Chili You're Cooking?

How many people would Anna Nicole Smith feed?



This Pizza Man Bomb Incident gets weirder and weirder. The FBI claims that the only other place that a bomb like this was seen was in Bogota, Columbia. This is pretty weird. Is FARC active in PA?


Elephant Boy

The Blaster Worm Geek, Jeffrey Parson, has declared that he is not a "misfit". Yes, Jeffrey, you are. You are also a criminal.

Check this out from Jeffrey's Mom: "My son is not brilliant; he's not genius," Rita Parson said. "Anyone that has any computer knowledge could have done what Jeff did."
Yeah, Lady. However, they have the moral backbone not to do it.

He deserves a long jail sentence.


He's Lucky To Be Alive

There are cries yet again to free the traitor, Jonathan Pollard. He should have been executed. I don't give a rat's ass that he was spying for an ally. The guy violated a sacred trust and should be made to pay. The New York Post has it right.


Tuesday, September 02, 2003

New Link

I've set up a link to Speaking As A Parent. While surfing last night, I found the site and proceeded to go apeshit on it. Robin Preene, however, has a great sense of humor.


New Venture

I have set up a new blog to identify hideous public figures/potential Anti-Christs in America today. In honor of Tony Danza, I've decided to call it "Who's The Anti-Christ?".

Please visit often and make rude comments.


Nah, I Don't Want To Retire To Florida

If Israel is going to send Yasser Arafat packing, I have found the perfect spot for him to live out his final years.


Sal, Get Off The Balcony!

Sal Tuckman of Philadelphia needs a better hobby or a wide screen television to hold his attention. Thankfully, Philadelphia's Stinkmeister is on the case.


And, Another Thing

What the fuck is up with the name "Lee"? It seems like a guaranteed ticket to Loserville. It's one of the great White Trash names like "Wayne" or "Beau".


Lock The Fat Fuck Up!

I'm a little pissed off that Jeffrey Lee Parsons, the Blaster Worm Geek, is under house arrest. They should strap on one of those pizza delivery bombs to this loser and get it over with.

House arrest? So, this idiot can now sit at home and think about another hobby. Hmm, let's see...he's obviously poorly adjusted....what could poor Jeffrey do to occupy his time? I know! He can stalk one of his neighbors! Or, molest children!

This guy needs to be inside somewhere getting a lot of fucking help and a lot of drugs. He doesn't need to be home, sitting his fat ass on a couch and munching Fritos.


Monday, September 01, 2003

Man, I'm Going To Puke

Check out speaking as a parent - About Robin and Melanie Preene, our talented children, our lovely house and our pursuit of excellence in parenting.

Good Fucking God! Is this what the world has come to? A wispy bearded British socialist boring us with tales about "child centred activities specially chosen for their high development content". There's also this beaut: "I'm not as insensitive as Mel sometimes suggests, so as my contribution to our drive to deliver a better family life I have resolved to address my male inability to multitask." For chrissakes, have some balls, man. Screw multitasking. If the little bastards won't behave, attach them to the goddamn wall with velcro. Sit your ass on the sofa and have a goddamn beer - but not some warmass fruit-flavored hippy crap.

This Robin dude writes like a fucking consultant.

Get me a fucking Ambien. I need some sleep.


Royal Command

Her Highness, The Queen, has brought this Olsen Twins related site to our attention. I agree with our royal poster; those two bimbos make me want to vomit. It would be nice if each had a love child with ODB.


March Up Those Stairs And Play With Your Joystick!

Trench has a post on what can happen when teenage assholes are not under control. Grand Theft Auto - It's a fucking game not a lifestyle.


Where, O Where, Is Her Highness The Queen?

Has she taken Labor Day off?


Why Don't They Call The Orkin Man?

A village in India is looking for a pied piper.


France's Israel Problem

The Daily Telegraph looks at France's Anti-Israel bias.


Attention, KMart Shoppers

Hey, All You Fat Bastards financing oppression in China by buying cheap shit down at Wal-Mart, Listen up! The corrupt goverment that you support claims that the US, not the North Koreans, is the problem. So, before you dress up your two fat kids and take them down to Sam's before a McDonalds run, remember that you are financing the enemy.


Saudi Cocksuckers

For those of you who still believe that the Saudi Royal family is not a duplicitous bunch of murderers, read this from yesterday's New York Post.


Nuke 'Em

I'm tired of hearing about the "so-called" thoughts and wors of Bin Laden. If today's report in The New York Post is correct and OBL wants to use biological agents in a "doomsday" attack, then I say nuke the motherfucker now if we enen have a remote idea of his whereabouts. Let's get it the fuck over with. There are millions of people in New York, Washington, LA, Chicago and countless other cities; their lives are worth a hell of a lot more than OBL's and his supporters. It pisses me the fuck off that two years after 9/11 we're still reading about this cumbag and his Taliban followers.

As for the Saudi financiers of this piece of shit, it's time that Bush got a fucking pair of balls and threatened these goddamn cowards once and for all. He'd better decide what's more important: keeping Americans alive or appeasing the Saudis. These pieces of shit fear the loss of wealth more than anything. Threaten to seize their assets and have the Delta Force escort them to the pleasant island of Cuba where these fat bastards can roast in the sun all day and swat mosquitoes from biting their one-inch penises.


R.I.P. Charles Bronson

I loved the Death Wish movies. Bronson acted out what a lot of people wanted to act out. I remember the first time that I saw one about 15 or 20 years ago, and all I could think was "Get the sonofabitches."

Bronson was never fashionable among the elite, but real people loved him.