Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Levi, Wake Me, Shake Me, When It's Over

New York is still a hellhole. I'm still cranky and miserable.

For months, I haven't written. I've had little to say.

Her Majesty The Queen has prodded me into saying something.

So, here goes.

I am glad that London got the Olympics. New York doesn't need any more tourists. Not from Kansas. Not from France. None. No more.

Face it, the Islamofascists want to convert or kill all of us. There are no exceptions. Terror will strike NYC again. Anyone who thinks otherwise is deluded. Negotiation will not stop them. Understanding terrorism's "root causes" will not stop them.

Tony Luke's makes the best sandwich in New York.


Saturday, October 09, 2004

What's The Difference Between Lincoln Chafee and Teddy Kennedy?

Peter Hitchens has written an excellent piece in the October 9th Spectator about the British Conservative Party and why it has failed conservatives:

The Tory party, throughout the 20th century, tried on and increasingly liked Labour’s clothes. You could say that for much of its period in government during that century it was in office but not in power. Its penetration by social-democratic ideas is one of the greatest achievements of the Fabian gradualists who long ago sought to do precisely this. If Christopher Patten and Michael Heseltine are conservatives, then what is a social democrat? What was the principal ideological difference between the government of John Major — the prototype of New Labour — and that of Mr Blair? The brief, overrated pseudo-conservative convulsion of Thatcherism fooled far too many people into thinking this had changed.

Much the same could be said of our Republican Party. They have alienated a large part of the party base with their stands on immigration, free trade and government spending. However, American conservatives have no place to go. Voting for the Democrats is out of the question and most of the third parties have more nuts than Planters. So, we're stuck with the least objectionable party.

If the next terrorist attackers are identified as having come in illegally through Mexico, there could be a groundswell of opinion in favor of a third party. Remember, Perot got 19% of the vote in 1992 because he was Anti-NAFTA.

The British Conservatives are facing this situation now. The United Kingdom Independence Party captured a number of seats in the European Parliament election and placed ahead of the Tories in a recent by-election. Conservatives in England have a real choice now. UKIP's success could be a blueprint for a movement.


Friday, October 08, 2004

Most people think that New York City and Long Island are hellholes (Wait a minute...I think that). Anyway, there is still some natural beauty here as this photo taken 10/3 at Robert Moses State Park demonstrates. Posted by Hello


Way To Go, Laddie!

Billy Connolly's 15 minutes of fame are over now, dontcha think? The bastard's prostate should swell up to the size of a watermelon. His heart couldn't shrink any smaller.


Thursday, October 07, 2004

Dirty Sidewalks

Walking to my office most New York, I encounter some of the most annoying bastards in the entire city: office building sidewalk washers. Outside every Stalinist office tower, a man in a jumpsuit, occasionally wearing a clip-on bow tie, sprays down the entire sidewalk. Granted, if I walked through Mid-town after 7:00 a.m., I wouldn’t have to deal with this bullshit. However, as I get to my office around 6:45, I have to fight my way into the office, walking around these hose-spraying idiots (as well as every goddamn jerk lining up to wave to the people back home via national television). Walk a few steps, pray that the SOB re-directs the hose. Christ, I don’t want to sit in wet shoes all morning if this prick fails to turn the blasted thing away. I’d rather stick my tongue down Diane Sawyer’s throat than have to deal with clammy loafers.

If these guys were cleaning the scum off the street like Travis Bickle, I’d have no problem. But, they’re just washing dust into the gutter. Dirt that probably contains Hantavirus which could help kill off some of the tourists that also plague this city. The hosemen will stop in a few months when the weather gets cold, though. That is a giant mistake. I would encourage them to create slabs of ice, though by wetting down the pavement in December. It would be a great way to get these goddamn in-bred shits out of the gene pool. “Oh, crap, look at Aunt Sally slide on her big, fat ass!”

In the meantime, I encourage all visitors to Good Morning America and The Today Show to roll all-over every unwashed sidewalk in the city. Please, take home a little of New York to Kansas or whatever freakin’ tank town you came from.


Saturday, October 02, 2004

Just a test. This is the Long Island Wine Country. Posted by Hello


Thursday, September 30, 2004

Change My Diaper, Please

I am not going to watch the debate this evening. There isn’t much point. The candidates are not really debating and they answer any question that they want to not just the ones asked.

The moderators are all MSM-types. They are not from the 21st Century. Bob Schieffer and Jim Lehrer are old fossils. These are the last people that should be asking questions, except of their attendants in the assisted-living facility.

I would like to see someone like Michael Savage or Al Franken (despite the fact that he is a socialist pig) quiz the candidates. It would be interesting. Very interesting.

Tim Russert? Fat, slow-witted and smug.

Chrissy-boy Matthews? He shouts. He’s fat. And, he’s very smug.

O’Reilly? Left-wing sissy boy lookin’ out for himself.

We need to have a goddamn psychopath ask the questions.

Mr. Stern: Senator Kerry, At what age did you decide to become a gigolo?

Senator Kerry: I, er, I've always liked my 57 varieties....

Update: I watched the debate and was bored. No gaffes. No streakers. No soy bombs.


I’m Not A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here

Why on earth does anyone pay attention to actors, actresses, musicians, artists, etc. as regards politics, world affairs, medicine, alar, and the pitching staff of the New York Yankees?

Most of them are complete idiots; and, they love reminding us of it.

Take that ugly creature from the bowels of Brooklyn, Barbra Streisand. This grotesque gargoyle insists on offering her sympathy to Larry Lindsey and every other “fired” Republican. Why?

Because there are too many entertainment reporters willing to listen to this loathsome hag, not to mention the great unwashed that get their news from the likes of Mary Hart and Pat O’Brien.

How about Cameron Diaz telling viewers not to vote if they support rape? And, the fat billionaires host does nothing to challenge this.

Now, is Ms. Diaz telling us that people who don’t vote support rape? Or, is she suggesting that one of the two major candidates supports rape and, by staying home, the pro-rape candidate may win?

Which one of the two is she talking about? I would guess John Kerry, since he has already admitted to war crimes.


Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Are We Dead Yet?

The Mainstream Media is getting ready to enter the hospice. New York Times reporter Phillip Shenon allegedly tipped off a terrorist fund-raising charity about a raid by the feds. The New York Times denies this, of course. Jayson Blair, Dan Rather, Stephen Glass, Blah, Blah, Blah; the list goes on and on. These guys are bent on fucking us all the hell over. Don’t think for a minute that they’d have a problem with sharia law as long as they could keep doing their thing.

This alleged tip-off happened in December 2001, just two months after our country was attacked by terrorists.

What kind of scumbag would someone have to be to do this? Don’t they want them caught? Don’t they want safety? Or, is more important to keep the terrorists going in order to have a story? Or, does the reporter so hate Americans that he wanted to help them? I don't even want to get into the question of what sort of government lackey would leak this to the socialist press.

There are a lot of questions that need to be answered here.

The New York Times is a rag, a goddamn awful rag. Publisher Pinch Sulzberger is a common thief who “stole” land from taxpayers in order to build his new Evil Empire on 8th Avenue in Manhattan. The editorial staff, a group of diversity at all costs fanatics, is to the left of Gus Hall’s Communist Party USA.

CBS is no better. Lyin’ Dan Rather is a Democratic Party fund-raiser. Bob Schieffer, who looks like the end product of two close relatives having sexual relations, is to the left of Red Dan. And, as for Uncle Walter….Forget it. It’s hopeless. These guys are so self-destructive that it would take a miracle to save them. Perhaps, the fascists at the FEC will try to put bloggers out of business.

The future is Talk Radio and the Internet. Both are immediate. The MSM is a goner. The universities will be next. Old time leftist scum like Plagerin’ Larry Tribe and Copyin’ Doris Kearns Goodwin will see that it self-destructs.

Just sit back in your La-Z-Boy, pop open a cold one and log on.


Count Your Fingers, Jack

How gracious of British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw to shake Zimbabwean Thug Robert Mugabe’s hand at the UN.

Straw told the BBC that the “serious disagreement between the two countries did not justify being ‘discourteous or rude’.”

“Discourteous”? “Rude”?

Mugabe is a killer. He is one of the worst criminals on the world stage. And, Jack Straw doesn’t want to be “discourteous or rude”?

Straw (isn’t Jack Straw a stupid name?) could have scored major points by telling Mugabe to “Go to Hell” or “Drop Dead” or “I hope your prostate swells up to the size of a beachball, you vicious piece of elephant shit.”

That would have been the right thing to do.

There’s a story about Joe DiMaggio and the Yankees meeting RFK in the Mid-Sixties. RFK worked his way through the line, shaking hands as he went along. When Baby Brother got to The Yankee Clipper, Joe D stepped back. It sent a message: You are unworthy of respect.


Thirteen More Payments And I Own The Focus Outright

Driving back to NYC on Sunday Night, I passed a new Chevy Cavalier. What an ugly, uninspiring piece of autoshit. Obviously, this car for unsuccessful insurance salesmen was developed after a series of focus groups. There is a reason that thinking-Americans want nothing to do with GM or Ford products (save the F-150 and the Corvette): their products are boring. If Americans want fast, thrilling cars, they have to go foreign. Nothing that General Motors puts out can match a BMW Z4, a Chrysler 300C (Face it, Chrysler is German) or a Porsche Boxster. One trip to the New York Auto Show is all that is needed to convince one of this. Even American-owned foreign-based companies like Volvo, Saab and Mitsubishi are boring, boring, boring.

It was nice to see that BMW has developed a hydrogen engine that can run up to 185 mph. I’m not sure if GM or Ford are doing a damn thing along these lines but who knows if they’ll still be around in twenty years.

We can’t even get a gas-saving, dadmobile hybrid out on the market. No, GM and Ford are going to stick hybrid engines in 6000 lb behemoths so they can get 25 mpg. Meanwhile, Toyota and Honda have waiting lists for their hybrids.

As for a good waste of gas, why isn’t Chrysler offering a Viper V-110 in the PT?


Christ, This Floor Is Sticky

Did you ever feel like driving a nail right into your temple? For two days, I’ve been fighting off such notions.

Sitting in a windowless room, with fucking middle-management morons, has been driving me completely freakin’ nuts!

Godalmighty, the inane drivel that comes out of goddamn suburban jerks is frightening. They don’t really say anything of consequence; however, they are fluent in business-bestseller-speak like “out of the box,” “empower” and “champion”.

“Champion”? Who the hell came up with this bullshit?

I guess my Mom “championed” eating all your vegetables when I was a kid. Osama Bin Laden is a “champion” as was Hitler.

Do you have a “strategic plan”? We all need strategic plans. How about a “mission statement”? I haven’t had a personal “mission statement” since I was sixteen and that was to fuck any girl that would have me. We have people who aren’t capable of watering plants designing “mission statements” because some bald huckster told them to do so.

Forget hate speech; we need to stop the mind-numbing bullshit that comes from big, fat slobs like Tom Peters and gets stuck in the minds of fucking idiots in ugly ties, who if they weren’t white and middle class, wouldn’t be given positions as mop-up men at a peep show.

That’s what’s ruining this country: mother-fucking idiot consultants who have never created anything worthwhile themselves brain-washing those who can’t create anything into believing that using phrases will allow them to be another Leonardo DiVinci or Donald-fucking-Trump.

Jesus, pass the Kool-Aid. I’m thirsty.